Post Conference Seminar


Friday, 18 September 2015, 08.00-17.00
Spazio Surabaya, Mayjend Yono Soewoyo Kav. 3, Surabaya

Structural damage can result from movement in clay soils caused by varying moisture
conditions around the perimeter of homes. The majority of West Surabaya homes are
situated on what are termed reactive clay soils. These soils are subject to expansion and
contraction depending on seasonal weather and site conditions. Sandy sites and rocky
terrain are usually not prone to this expansion and contraction.

In Australia, engineers design footings to the Australian Standard AS2870 – 2011
Residential slabs and footings. Footings correctly designed to this standard are
intended to accommodate the expected movements caused by seasonal volume
changes in the soil (swelling when wet and shrinking when dry) – under normal
conditions. The performance of footings under this standard requires normal conditions
to be maintained around the house.

Abnormal conditions (other than seasonal changes), may include the eect of trees,
poor surface drainage and leaking plumbing. If not allowed for in the engineer’s
design, these types of abnormal conditions may lead to movement and damage
varying from minor to extreme. In this one day post conference seminar a number of
Australian and Indonesian experts will be discussing the principles of classication of
reactive site and the design of footing systems for light structures.

Topics to be covered:

  • Geology and origin of expansive soils
  • Behaviour and identication of expansive soils
  • Site characterisation techniques in Australian practice
  • Site characterisation techniques in Indonesia
  • Footing systems for light residential structures in Indonesia and Australia
  • Development of Australian Standard for footings and slabs on expansive soils AS2870
  • Deemed to comply solutions and simplied engineering principles for footings and slabs in AS2870
  • Site improvements and other considerations


  • Dominic Lopes
  • Gideon Kusuma
  • Prof. Emad F. GAD
  • Gogot Setyo Budi